Web Development

Web Designing/Development/Hosting

Websites are being designed using latest animation technologies viz, Flash MX and the packages used as HTML, DHTML , JSP, VBScript, ASP, XML, Front-Page 2003. Websites can be static as well as dynamic . Static sites represent only static text and pictures where as dynamic sites contains matter which are automatically updated and keeps on changing and are to interact with the user i.e. to say they are able to recognize the user.

Software Development

Software Development / Packages
  • Property Management
  • Banking Automation
  • Library Management
  • Personal Information Management
  • Hospital Information System
  • ERP of Hotels / Food chains / Restaurants
  • Billing Package for retail shops along with bar code solutions
  • General Financial Accounting (PF, Voucher Mgmt, PIS ,Pay Roll , Cheque Printing)
  • Advanced Financial Accounting (Includes features of General Financial Accounting along with Balance Sheet ,Ledger)
  • Material Management (Stock Management ,Inventory Management)

The software's used for developing customized packages are Visual Basic6.0 / Visual Studio 1.1, Java, J2ee,Oracle 8i/10g SQL Server & MS Access. Customized Packages include development of software's that suits to individual needs. One of the plus point is that the packages can be modified when necessary as per the requirements of the clients .

Logo Design

Our creative graphic designing team designs logos which are captive and defines your business in the most effective way.

Data Processing

All types of Data Processing jobs are done in different languages like English,Hindi, Oriya for different Govt. Organization.

Multimedia Development

We establish multimedia development center with an objective to provide low-cost multimedia solutions and popularize multimedia in tourism, Education and other related sectors.


GIS stands for Geographical information system. The technology behind GIS is GPS (Global Position System). The software's used for GIS mapping & linking are Arc Info & Arc view. It is used for scientific investigation, resource management, development planning, emergency response planning & simulating environmental effects etc. In the strictest sense a GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating & display geographically reference information according to their locations, which involves GPS survey work.